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Sunright Insta Glow Self tanner

Sunright Insta Glow Self tanner

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Summer, sun, Insta Glow! Sunright Insta Glow conjures up a natural tan in 15 minutes. Smells pleasant, does not stain, dries quickly.


Sunright Insta Glow Tinted Self-Tanning Gel

🌞 Summer, sun, Insta Glow! - natural tan in 15 minutes

Sunright Insta Glow conjures up a wonderful summer glow.

Nu Skin InstaGlow self tanner with 20% discount


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Insta Glow spreads evenly, does not smudge or stain, dries quickly and smells pleasantly of caramel.

No matter what time of year, with Insta Glow you give your skin a sun-tanned look. This self tanning gel conjures up a luxurious tan and provides the skin with moisture..

Sunright Insta Glow is for face and body suitable and gradually builds up a natural looking tan builds up, first results already 15 minutes after application.

Your skin looks as if kissed by the sun.😍

🌞 bronze natural tan after 15 minutes.
🌞 nourishing and moisturizing
🌞 little inherent odor
🌞 can be easily applied evenly
🌞 dries quickly
🌞 suitable for face and body
🌞 no harmful ingredients
🌞 very economical in use

Tip: For best results, exfoliate your skin beforehand with the Liquid Body Lufra body scrub.

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