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ageLOC WellSpa iO System

Welcome to the future 🌟 ageLOC WellSpa iO system - your personalized beauty and wellness experience for the whole body 🌟

The ageLOC WellSpa iO system delivers (i) intelligent self-care and (o) visibly firmer and tighter facial skin for a more youthful, fresher appearance.

This exclusive device system features:

✔️ageLOC cosmetic products that deliver scientifically proven benefits you can feel and see

✔️ one IoT-app that accompanies you

✔️ a personalized adaptive microcurrent technology integrated into the device to adapt the current intensity to the conductivity of your skin in real time.

Your personalized Beauty- and wellness system to revitalize, restore and relax.

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Revitalise - skin tightening and effective against cellulite

Revitalizes the appearance of your skin and provides a feeling of self-confidence thanks to the combined effect of the ageLOC WellSpa iO device and the ageLOC body serum.

  • Developed for skin with signs of cellulite, the system visibly firms and contours the skin for a radiant, smoother complexion.
  • Improves the appearance of sagging skin and ensures firm and shapely skin.

Restore - massage and well-being

The ageLOC WellSpa iO device and the ageLOC Body Activating Gel together provide a better holistic wellness feeling and restore general well-being.

  • Promotes blood circulation in the skin layers and connective tissue thanks to the massaging movement of the device on the skin.
  • Helps to detoxify the appearance of the skin and make it look even through the manual massage movement.

Relax - before and after sport

Thanks to the combined effect of the ageLOC WellSpa iO device and the ageLOC Body Activating Gel, your body will feel better before and after training.

  • Provides a great pre-workout massage and ensures your muscles are loose and warmed up for your workout.
  • The post-workout manual massage helps to soothe sore muscles and promotes overall relaxation. 

Yours ageLOC WellSpa iO system contains:

ageLOC WellSpa iO device 

The device features personalized adaptive microcurrent technology that adapts to your skin in real time, while the surface texture ensures a smooth, comfortable experience. 

ageLOC Body Serum 

The ageLOC Body Serum together with the ageLOC WellSpa iO device and contains a formulation for skin with signs of cellulite. It supports visible contouring and improves the firmness and overall appearance of the skin.

 ageLOC Body Activating Gel 

Contains a formulation for the ageLOC WellSpa iO device and was developed for the "Restore" and "Relax" routines. The ageLOC mixture combats the visible signs of skin ageing and ensures a youthful appearance.

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  • ✔️ The results inspire study participants and first users: muscle relaxation, less cellulite, firmer, tighter and more elastic skin and a glow on the legs, hips, upper arms, stomach and buttocks. 😍

  • ✔️ You can optimize your WellSpa iO personalize your device by using it with the VERA app. But it also works without the app.

  • ✔️ WellSpa iO impresses with its exclusive design, pleasant feel and effortless handling.

  • Step 1

    Pair your device with the Vera app.

  • Step 2

    Wear ageLOC Body Activating Gel or ageLOC Body Serum to the desired target areas of your skin.

  • Step 3

    Vera will guide you through each step of your chosen routine. The device switches off automatically when you are finished.

Make this luxurious wellness experience an integral part of your skincare routine and enjoy radiantly beautiful skin and pure relaxation.

Clinical results you can feel and see.

Nu Skin gave a clinical study for the ageLOC WellSpa iO Revitalize routine for thighs, upper arms and/or abdomen*.

**An in vivo study was conducted on female volunteers aged 25-60 years with mild to moderate cellulite on the thighs, upper arms and/or abdomen who were suitable for a ageLOC WellSpa iO selected for a routine. 33 of them used the following routine: ageLOC Body Polish as a peeling Cleanser on the above-mentioned areas, the device WellSpa iO with ageLOC Body Serum for three minutes, three times a week, and ageLOC Dermatic Effects twice a day. Each area was assessed at baseline and weeks two, four, eight and twelve based on clinical assessment and self-perception. The back of the thigh was also assessed at the same time points using a measuring device (cutometer).  

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What does the ageLOC WellSpa iO system in a class of its own?

Beauty and wellness. Networked.

Nu Skin Vera adapts every step of the ageLOC WellSpa iO system individually and complements it - so that you can achieve your daily beauty and wellness goals.

  • ageLOC Body Polish

    The ageLOC Body Polish combines three types of exfoliation: physical, chemical and enzymatic exfoliation. With just one cleansing and exfoliating step in the shower, your skin is transformed and looks soft, smooth and radiant again.

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  • ageLOC Dermatic Effects

    The contour enhancing lotion promotes skin cell renewal and ensures smoother, younger-looking facial skin. It also moisturizes the facial skin and improves the appearance of the epidermis.

    Buy Derrmatic Effects with 25% discount