Category: LumiSpa iO SkinCare Kit

ageLOC LumiSpa iO SkinCare Kit

Get your LumiSpa iO directly with the Accent eye attachment.
Lumi Spa iO skin cleansing & eye care = your Beauty secret. 😍

🌸 Wow, this is your all-round feel-good spa for at home.
🌸 Beautiful, clean, fresh, smoothed skin and radiant, alert eyes.
🌸 Your mini beauty studio, you'll see and feel the difference in minutes.
✔️ Your LumiSpa iO is waterproof and the 7-in-1 solution for youthful-looking skin.
✔️ With the ageLOC Activating Cleanser the magic unfolds on your skin.
✔️ Simply change the attachment and use the Accent eye attachment with the IdealEyes eye care.
✔️ The dynamic duo specially developed for eye care pampers your eyes and helps to conceal signs of tiredness and stress.