Category: LumiSpa iO - Team Rose Gold

LumiSpa iO Rose Gold Hautreinigung

The brand new Superpower in skin care - now also in Rose Gold

LumiSpa iO opens up a whole new world of possibilities and experiences. iO stands for input and output:
☑️ Input: intelligent skincare
☑️ Output: radiant, youthful-looking skin

The system thoroughly removes Make-updirt and daily impurities. The waterproof handheld device is rechargeable. 

The special and intelligent thing about this device is that it has Bluetooth and can be connected to the Nu Skin Vera app on your cell phone. (can also be used without the app).

The app allows you to save individual skincare routines, follow picture tutorials, track your skin's progress via a selfie timeline and be rewarded for regular use!

Together with the Accent eye attachment, you have a complete skincare and eye care system - your Beauty secret.🌟

Do you belong to the rose gold team or rather to the blue team?