Category: LumiSpa iO for 5 skin types

LumiSpa iO - 25% Rabatt auf Zubehör

The brand new Superpower in skin care

LumiSpa iO Skin care device in blue and rose gold from Nu Skin

LumiSpa iO replaces the award-winning classic LumiSpa device and is not only more stable, but takes your skincare to a whole new level. 

The special and intelligent thing about this device is that it has Bluetooth and connects to the Nu Skin Vera app on your cell phone. With personalization, you can now save individual skincare routines, follow picture guides, log your skin's progress via a selfie timeline and get rewarded for regular use! - You can personalize your LumiSpa iO without the app.

Your ageLOC LumiSpa iO Cleansing Kit contains: 

  • 1 ageLOC LumiSpa® iO device

  • 1 ageLOC LumiSpa® iO silicone attachment - Normal

  • 1 ageLOC LumiSpa® iO Activating Cleanser of your choice

  • 1  ageLOC LumiSpa® iO Magnetic Charger

Choose the LumiSpa iO set with the Activating Cleanser for your skin type: normal/combination, dry, oily, sensitive or blemished skin 

🌟 Soft, smooth skin. Smaller pores. Radiant complexion. Invigorating facial massage. Cleansing (also of Make-up) & Anti-Aging.