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Nu Colour Kosmetik von Nu Skin - Bring deinen natürliche Schönheit zum Strahlen

Nu Colour - make-up that is good for your skin

The Nu Colour line of high-performance makeup and accessories combines intense color with innovative skincare science to make your eyes, lips and skin look even better.

Whether sensual lips, stunning eyes and radiant complexion - with Nu Colour every look is a highlight. Let your creativity run wild, create more (or less) drama, just be yourself!

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Make your natural beauty shine with Nu Colour

Powerlips Fluid
Strong colors for strong women. Find your perfect shade with the Nu Colour Powerlips Fluid Liquid Lipsticks - whether matte or metallic - in 15 great colors.
Nu Colour Bioadaptive* BB+ Skin Loving Foundations
Combination of Make-up and skin care for silky, radiant, young-looking skin - in 17 great colors.
Concealer, to conceal dark circles and other blemishes - for flawless skin.
Bronzing Pearls and Finishing Powder conjure up color and natural blush on your cheeks.
Nu Colour Curling Mascara - Black
Sweeping lashes with long-lasting effect, without unwanted clumping, to make your eyes shine.
Nu Colour Lash & Brow Serum
Visibly longer, thicker, fuller and shinier lashes and brows in just 4 weeks.