Category: LumiBoost iO economy pack in blue or rose gold

LumiBoost iO Sparpaket in Blau oder Rose Gold

LumiBoost iO is the perfect combination package for youthful looking skin!

🌟 25% discount 🌟
Compared to the individual prices (packages are cheaper) you even save 33%! That's a whopping 226 Euro saving!

LumiBoost iO - two from Nu Skin's award-winning Beauty-device systems in a package for less!

❤️ ageLOC LumiSpa iO combines an intelligent, unique device based on patented technology with high-performance products. For pore-deep clean skin. - in blue or rose gold 
❤️ ageLO Boost has a unique variable pulsating microcurrent technology that enhances and optimizes natural beauty. For more glow.