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HydraClean Creamy Cleansing Lotion

HydraClean Creamy Cleansing Lotion

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Luxurious, creamy, soap-free Cleanser - a mild all-rounder. Sustainable, bioadaptive cosmetics.


HydraClean Creamy Cleansing Lotion

This luxurious, creamy, soap-free Cleanser is a mild all-rounder. Impurities, areas with excess oil and Make-up are removed while preserving your skin's natural moisture barrier. The mild formula with bioadaptive plant substances and skin-caring ingredients provides the skin with soothing moisture. 

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Key ingredients

  • A combination of skin-caring ingredients and a compound of licorice extract - preserves the skin's natural moisture barrier and has a soothing effect.
  • Mirror flower seed oil - moisturizes and softens the skin.


    Apply in the morning and evening. Gently massage into the face and neck with your fingertips. Rinse off or dab off.

    Advantage of the application

    • Created with bioadaptive plant substances.
    • Moisturizes, cleanses, soothes and soothes for supple skin.
    • Strengthens and maintains the skin's natural moisture barrier.
    • Gently removes impurities, oily spots and Make-up.
    • Leaves skin looking radiant, healthy and refreshed.
    • Skin is left feeling soft and smooth - perfectly prepared for the next step in your skincare routine.
    • The bottle is sustainably made from 100% recycled plastic (PCR).

      The science behind it: Bioadaptive plant complex

      A combination of plant extracts from plants that thrive in extreme climates and help your skin to regenerate from daily stress, environmental influences and oxidative stress.

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