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Celltrex Always Right Recovery Fluid

Celltrex Always Right Recovery Fluid

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Lightweight, fast-absorbing serum. Moisture and protective care against everyday stress through a combination of bioadaptive plant substances. Sustainable, bioadaptive cosmetics.

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Celltrex Always Right Recovery Fluid

With Celltrex Always Right Recovery Fluid If you treat your skin with compensatory care. This formula ensures smooth, radiant -looking skin and well -being all day. Thanks to this Nutricentials Must-Have can naturally recover your skin overnight from everyday stress and always show your best side, no matter what life brings with it.

The light, fast -moving serum with the smart HydraFlex Blend Always supplies the skin optimally with moisture during the day. At the same time, a combination of bio -adaptive plant substances offers protective care and strengthens the resistance of the skin against stress factors in everyday life, as long nights, stressful days and city air.

Nutricentials Nu Skin Celltrex Always Right Recovery Fluid

Important ingredients

  • Bio-adaptive plant complex-a composition of five plant extracts from plants that thrive in extreme climate zones: rose root, maral root, chaga mushroom, resurrection plant and Siberian ginseng.
  • Glycerin - a moisture kit that attracts moisture and binds in the skin.


Apply in the morning and evening. After cleaning and facial water, put 1 to 3 drops on the fingertips and gently spread over the face and neck. Then use moisturizing your choice.

Advantage of application

  • Thanks to bio -adaptive plant substances, your skin adapts more easily to different conditions.
  • Offers protective care against disadvantageous effects of stress, stressful environmental factors and oxidative stress.
  • Enables balancing moisture supply to always give a smooth, soothing feeling.
  • Has refreshing and moisturizing without being difficult to lie on the skin.
  • Stressful environmental impacts that form on the skin go back.
  • Makes the skin look visibly smooth, youthful and radiant.

    The science behind it:

    Bio -adaptive plant complex
    A combination of plant extracts from plants that thrive in extreme climate conditions and help your skin to regenerate everyday stress such as stress, environmental influences and oxidative stress.

    Hydraflex combination
    Forms a soft, ultra-light protective layer that automatically adapts to your surroundings in order to always optimally supply your skin with moisture.

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    Susanne Appenzeller

    Super freundlich! Alles bestens , aber ein Sternchen weniger wegen der Lieferzeit. Das wäre schön, wenn das 1-2 Tage schneller ginge.

    Hallo Susanne, vielen Dank für dein nettes Feedback. Wir bestellen nach euren Bestellungen direkt bei Nu Skin und die führen die Bestellung immer sofort nach 1-2 Tagen aus. Leider ist UPS dann nicht immer so schnell.


    Ich kann leider noch nicht so viel dazu sagen, da es bei UPS Probleme mit der Sendung gab. Aber die Textur ist gut, meine Haut nimmt es toll auf und es fühlt sich angenehm an.

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