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LumiSpa and LumiSpa iO

If you like beautiful and radiant skin , you know that a pore-deep cleansing is the basis for it. For this you need LumiSpa 🌟

ageLOC LumiSpa

More than 5 million people worldwide have discovered the ageLOC LumiSpa for their skin care. The "Lumi" is the market leader in facial cleansing devices and has since its introduction in 2018 worldwide the skin cleansing revolutionized. As a social media darling and winner of numerous awards, he is well known to every "beauty junkie".

ageLOC LumiSpa iO

Now the global beauty hero has got a digital twin. Pair LumiSpa iO with the Nu Skin Vera app on your phone via Bluetooth to bring you closer to your care goals with intelligent IoT (Internet of Things) technology . Your LumiSpa iO gives you feedback and is therefore tailored to your skin and your care goals. So an upgrade from the LumiSpa - skin care on a whole new level!

Which LumiSpa is right for you? LumiSpa or LumiSpa iO

Do you absolutely need the LumiSpa iO?
The new LumiSpa iO costs more, but can also do more...
But isn't the classic LumiSpa enough?

Both LumiSpa can do that

Already after the first application you will have visibly smoother, softer skin and with regular use, a more youthful appearance with a radiant complexion . LumiSpa stimulates the skin with the patented Two-Sense Motion Technology and only unfolds its high effectiveness with the original Activating Cleansers. Gentle on skin , unyielding to dirt and makeup! (You don't have to remove your make-up beforehand, the LumiSpa does it all.)

1 step, 2 minutes, 7 advantages:
☑️ Pore-deep cleaning ☑️ smooth skin ☑️ refined pores ☑️ a fresher appearance ☑️ a radiant appearance ☑️ soft skin ☑️ pure skin

Comparison LumiSpa and LumiSpa iO

Comparison LumiSpa and LumiSpa iO

our recommendation

Anyone who has used LumiSpa for a few days knows that cleansing devices are not just hype, but the switch from twice-daily manual facial cleansing to the LumiSpa the Visibly and tactilely improves skin texture, pore size and general appearance.

When connected to the app, the ageLOC LumiSpa iO System provides the following benefits:

☑️ Synchronized facial treatment
☑️ User-centric treatment
☑️ Intelligent coaching

☑️ Tracking and reward
☑️ Selfie Timeline

It also looks more modern in terms of charging station and lighting


🤩 If you are not so much the cell phone and selfie type and just want the best cleansing for your face, the classic LumiSpa is the best choice for you.

🤩 If you love the latest technology, like to track and share your results and always want the best and latest on the market, then LumiSpa iO is the best choice for you.