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Lumi Spa Skincare Collection - sensitive skin

Lumi Spa Skincare Collection - sensitive skin

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Lumi Spa skin cleansing & eye care = your beauty secret. An award-winning, rechargeable, waterproof all-around groomer. Your 7-in-1 solution for youthful looking skin and bright eyes. With cleanser for sensitive skin.

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ageLOC LumiSpa Beauty Device Skincare Kit – Sensitive skin

lumispa Skin cleaning & eye care in one = your beauty secret. 😍

2 year guarantee

Safe this cleaning beauty tool-it is not only extremely effective, but also offers many additional care advantages for the skin. Nu Skin Is with that ageLOC LumiSpa Device system as early as the fourth year in a row worldwide No. 1 in the area of ​​beauty device systems. (Source: Euromonitor International Ltd.)

For a thorough cleaning, select the one tailored to your skin type Activating Cleanser as well as lumispa Accent & IdealEyes For the sensitive eye area.

You only have to spend two minutes twice a day for cleaning and one minute for eye care. Convert your skin care program into a spa experience for at home, with a visible, clinically proven effect that will inspire you.

This set contains the 🌸 Activating Face Cleanser For sensitive skin. 🌸

Finding the perfect facial cleaner for sensitive skin is not that easy. But we have the solution for you. The mildness ageLOC Activating Face Cleanser For sensitive skin, your skin cleans gently but thoroughly and at the same time keeps dryness, itching and feelings of tension under control. In addition to the unique ageLOC-S ingredients of the 7-in-1 solution for youthful-looking skin contains this mild and fragrant-free facial cleaner extracts from oats and Chinese jaws. These maintain and soothe your skin - well -being for extra portion.

ageLOC LumiSpa Skincare kit

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