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We are Elke and Sandy, sisters, and are happy to advise you on all questions relating to the wonderful Nu Skin products.

Elke and Sandy Kuhl's Nu Skin consultants LumiSpa

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the LumiSpa and all other Nu Skin and Pharmanex products.

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We first heard about Nu Skin in 2014. Was it coincidence or fate? In any case, it was really lucky for us, because it solved a lot of questions and problems.

Do you know that? You stand by the shelves and have no idea what to take and in what combination. Everything that is so beautifully promoted in advertising is of no use. We were really tired of the harmful ingredients, the false promises and the animal testing and ended up with natural cosmetics. Didn't irritate the skin anymore, but didn't "do" much either.

Then came Nu Skin and suddenly everything was different: the best of nature and science, the skin finally got better, the aging process slowed down and the company's ethics are still correct. Since then, we have worked intensively on the products and trained them further. The entire team now has know-how that we are happy to pass on. We always say: not passing it on is failure to provide assistance.

In this shop you will find everything to do with the LumiSpa and ageLOC Boost with a 25% discount and a few other selected Nu Skin products with a 20% discount. You save even more with the product packages because the packages are already cheaper than the individual prices.

Are you generally interested in cosmetics without harmful ingredients that improve your skin visibly and tangibly? Or for food supplements that have been proven to get into the cell and give you power?
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Discover the fantastic world of Nu Skin & Pharmanex products. skin and body care. Anti-aging products that make a visible and tangible difference. 😍

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