Pharmanex - cell available nutritional supplement

How we, Elke & Sandy, came across Pharmanex

Do you know that: you know that your body can only function well if it has the right cell nutrition. Then you stand in front of the shelves and have no idea what combination is good for you, which products are at least not harmful, which ones have a good effect?

Nu Skin - recommended to us by a very good friend at the time - with its supplement brand Pharmanex was the solution for us.
And what can we say: we're doing great, haven't had any colds or infections for many years. We are fit, active and feel more productive than 10 years ago.

A good nutritional supplement supports you
More performance through fewer colds, better sleep, more energy, better cell protection, faster ability to regenerate.

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What distinguishes a good nutritional supplement? 🌿🌿🌿

  • Highest current scientific standard
    • Permanent research and studies, high ethics
  • bioavailability
    • If the nutritional supplement doesn't get to the cell, it's "expensive pee"...
    • Bioavailability should be scientifically verifiable
  • High and consistent quality
    • No contamination by pesticides or similar.
    • No additives (cheap fillers, sugar, coloring)
    • No fluctuating ingredients/concentrations
  • Gentle processing
    • Excessive pressure during production compresses the ingredients so much that the body cannot process them, but is cheap to produce.

Pharmanex - a natural health products company with a difference

Pharmanex - inspired by nature, backed by science. In 1994, Dr. Michael Chang and Dr. Joe Chang the scientifically proven health-promoting influence of many plant species, which is further enhanced in interaction with other natural elements.

The origins of Pharmanex

Pharmanex was founded in 1994 with a vision to improve our lives through quality nutritional supplements developed by scientists. This desire to do good was perfectly aligned with Nu Skin's mindset, and in 1998 Pharmanex officially joined the Nu Skin Group. A step nobody should regret.

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Today, more than 20 research associates lead the Pharmanex research and development team. These scientists review published clinical and scientific studies in search of health-promoting plant extracts. They also examine the natural, healthy processes in the human organism in order to derive how dietary supplements can support these functions. The findings from both research fields then flow into the development of our outstanding product series. The results are reflected in our products, whose promise of effectiveness is not based on claims, but is scientifically based and whose exact composition of active ingredients has been clinically tested.

Pharmanex Nutritional Supplement 6 S Quality Process Nu Skin

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The 6S quality process

Quality and consistency are no coincidence. Pharmenex/Nu Skin is continuously working on this. Dating back to 1996, this process, referred to as the '6S Quality Procedure', is a rigorous roadmap that underlies every product development and ensures that all items in the Pharmanex range exceed industry standards. To this day, every production is strictly checked for selection, sourcing (raw material selection), structure, standardization, safety and substantial proof (substantiation).

6-s Quality Process Pharmanex

The Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner

More and more people are paying attention to their lifestyle, reducing stress, eating consciously, relying on organic food and dietary supplements. But does your supplement really get into the cell? Has your immune system actually improved?

The BioPhotonic Scanner provides information:

This patented measuring instrument, developed in 2003 by experts at one of the top research universities in the USA, non-invasively determines the skin carotenoid level using resonance Raman spectroscopy. The carotenoids provide information about the status of the immune system. - As biological indicators, carotenoids provide the best conclusions about the consumption of fruit and vegetables. Carotenoids are pigments found primarily in fruits and vegetables that support vitality and help cells protect against free radicals.

  • Patented, Nobel Prize-winning Gold Standard technology
  • simple, fast, non-invasive with a 30 second scan you can determine how good your immune system is

If you live near Düsseldorf, you can do a scan with us (10 euros). If you buy LifePak®+ to support your immune system, you have a money-back guarantee if your value has not increased after 3 months - free rescanning.

S3 BioPhotonic Scanner Immune System