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The power of nature - Bioadaptive skin care that protects you

Nature is full of surprises. Harsh climate, extreme cold and barren soil give life to plants that thrive despite all difficulties. We wondered if they might offer MORE than just inspiration? Could they do the same for the skin?

Our bio-adaptive botanical complex does just that. We've turned five extracts from plants that thrive in these conditions into potent skincare to help your skin adapt to its environment. Our leave-on products give you beautiful, balanced and radiant skin, no matter what the day throws at you.

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Our ingredients: When nature meets science

You ask, "Why not go all natural?" We think balance makes the difference.

Plant extracts are an extremely important part of nutricentials, but they are not the solution to everything. Only combined with our unique science, they result in an effective and high-quality formula.

Protection against pollution, UV light and blue light
How many hours do you spend in front of your phone or screen?

The power of plants for the resilience of your skin

Are nutricentials sustainable?
Sustainability is one of our most important goals at Nu Skin. Our goal is to offer 100% sustainable packaging by 2030. All bottles in the range are made from up to 100%** and all tubes up to 35%** from post-consumer recycled plastic. The boxes for the packaging are FSC-certified (FSC™ C107989).

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Nu Skin Nutricentials Plants Bioadaptive
Nutricentials Nu Skin sustainably bioadaptive
Nutricentials Nu Skin 20% discountNutricentials Nu Skin 20% offNutricentials Nu Skin sustainably bioadaptive