Be Epoch - take care of yourself, others and our planet

Epoch Nu Skin ethnobotanical cosmetics

Nu Skin's ethnobotanical body care range consists of wellness products that are sustainable and combine cultural traditions with the demands of modern skin and hair care. We help those who inspire us.

The result is a brand that is about helping the world feel good while doing good things in the world.

Introduced in 1996, Epoch has as much heart as history.

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What exactly is ethnobotany?

Nu Skin Epoch indigenous cultures

This is what Epoch stands for - the three pillars

Nu Skin Ethnobotany




For centuries, people all over the world have trusted in the power of nature and used native plants for a wide variety of purposes. Inspired by this indigenous wisdom, the Epoch collection was developed with extracts of ethnobotanical ingredients. Epoch was created in collaboration with Dr. Paul Cox, an award-winning ethnobotanist and scientific advisor to Nu Skin. It enriches your care rituals and at the same time protects the native plant diversity.



Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation

Epoch is about doing good - for you, the cultures that inspire us, and the planet we all live on. Since 1998, Nu Skin has donated $0.25 for every Epoch product sold directly to the Nu Skin Force for Good Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to distributing Epoch donations to benefit people and the planet. Since its inception, hundreds of humanitarian projects worldwide have been supported with more than $13 million.


sustainability efforts

As part of the effort to make all Nu Skin products more sustainable by 2030, the Epoch Collection** has taken some important steps. It is the first brand to introduce Eco-Pac tubes, which save 67 tons*** of plastic in production every year - the weight of 10 elephants! By choosing eco-friendly bio-resin packaging, carbon emissions are reduced by 79-95% per tube produced.**** The collection also includes packaging made from recycled resin***** and FSC-certified material.

The bio-resin used in the Eco-Pac tubes is derived from sugar cane . This makes the production process more sustainable because conventional plastic is not used and therefore no fossil fuels have to be burned. All sugar cane waste is converted into energy that powers the farms and sometimes even the neighboring towns!

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Nu Skin sees itself as a Force for Good - social responsibility is more than just a phrase here. We, Elke & Sandy, have already visited Nu Skin twice in the USA and know what we are talking about. At Nu Skin, everyone has a big heart - from the founders, through management, research, employees and distributors like us. 💖