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This is where Glow comes into play - with the ageLOC Boost System 🤩

The ultimate radiance booster system for your skin - glow in 2 minutes.

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ageLOC Boost is the latest innovation from Nu Skin. Do you know and love the LumiSpa? Then you will be amazed by the boost.

If your skin looks gorgeous, you feel it too. A tired, worn look is not for you - you just want to look stunning!

Bring more glow into your life
Nu Skin's newest device system, ageLOC Boost, features patent-pending technology that illuminates your complexion with unbeatable luminosity and an even skin tone. Ready for more glow?

With the ageLOC Boost System you can bring out your best side - with a stunning glow 🤩

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Why you'll love ageLOC Boost

😍 Promotes a brighter, more radiant complexion
😍 Super easy and quick to use
😍 Reduces the signs of premature skin aging
😍 only 2 minutes a day
😍 Moisturizes - your skin feels softer and appears fuller
😍 Enhances and awakens the natural beauty of your skin

Nu Skin has patented variable pulse microcurrent technology. There is nothing like it.

Your at-home spa for a more youthful complexion. And it's never too early to start with that, is it?

2 minutes for your beauty.

How ageLOC Boost works

The boost sends flexible pulse currents to the skin in bursts. The pulsating microcurrent technology has an invigorating effect on your skin. And you can see that - let your beauty shine and feel carefree and self-confident.

Nu Skin Boost benefits
Boost Nu Skin before after results

Get ageLOC Boost here with a 25% discount

Boost Nu Skin effect

The best ingredients for you
Your Boost is a system - the stylish device only works in conjunction with the Activating Serum.

Nu Skin ageLOC Boost ingredients
Nu Skin ageLOC Boost ingredients

A small selection of awards that ageLOC Boost has already won:

ageLOC Boost Award Prize Recognition

ageLOC Boost Award Prize Recognition

ageLOC Boost Award Prize Recognition

The application is that simple

That's why it works - science explained simply