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Earn in the growth market "Health in personal responsibility

Wellness and health are your topics?
You are active in social media (Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok,...)?
You are a non-medical practitioner/therapist or know freelancers in the health sector?

Then this could be VITORI partner program could be interesting for you.

  • Advantages of the VITORI Partner Program

    • Direct referral commission - See how much you can earn here:
    • You also profit when your customers/partners recommend you.
    • Promotional material for your social media channel
    • Personal contact for your success
    • no obligations, no obligation to buy, no minimum sales, etc.
  • Non-binding registration

    • The non-binding registration is easy and gives you the chance to earn extra money without spending a lot of time.
    • Click the button to go directly to the registration at VITORI.
    • After registration you will see on the VITORI partner page in short videos, how easy you can get started.
  • Quick start

    • Even if you do not (yet) have VITORI crystal mat, you can become a partner of VITORI and receive a direct referral commission when sales are made through your affiliate link.
    • As an affiliate, you generate an affiliate link and a coupon code for your prospects. You can find out how easy it is here:
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  • The original VITORI Crystal Mat

    The original VITORI Crystal Mat activates your self-healing powers - health and relaxation at the touch of a button.

    Certified medical product. Combines ✔️ magnetic field therapy ✔️ Biophotons ✔️Infrared ✔️ Healing stones ✔️ Schumann ✔️negative ions.

    At home or in practice for alternative practitioners, therapists, etc. The original! When it comes to health, it is better not to save at the wrong end. VITORI has developed the original premium crystal mat. (Only successful innovations are copied...). 🌟

    Customers get the original VITORI Crystal Mat ✔️ directly from the manufacturer from our own production ✔️ with 3 years warranty ✔️Delivery time 2-3 days ✔️Over 17,000 satisfied customers ✔️Payment security and financing ✔️ Professional customer service and quality assurance.

    Health and relaxation at the touch of a button! 🧘‍♀️ Unfold - switch on - enjoy ❤️

  • Earn extra money and help people with the VITORI Crystal mat happy.

    We, Elke and Sandy, have bought several crystal mats for the family and enjoy the beneficial effects for relaxation, minor aches and pains and for strengthening the immune system and detoxification. When we are convinced of innovative products, we are happy to recommend them to others - and are pleased that this is rewarded fairly and transparently.

    Let us reward you for your recommendation.