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50% discount ✨

Discover the ultimate Nu Skin BLACK FRIDAY deals! 🌟 Get an exclusive 50% discount* on selected products from November 22 to 24. The curtain rises to offer you a shopping experience in a class of its own. Be there and don't miss out on the best offers! 😍

🌟You will not see the reduced prices until Nov. 22.
🌟 Experience has shown that some products sell out quickly, especially on the Galvanic Spa there will be a mega run. It pays to be quick!
🌟 *based on the normal customer price at Nu Skin you save 50%

 Our practical tips for a successful BLACK FRIDAY ✨

✨ November 22 (10 a.m.) to November 24 (10 p.m.): best order directly on the 22nd at 10 a.m.
✨ For those who don't have time we will be happy to order with you.
Pre-orders are now possible. 
(WhatsApp/phone 0157 52904292)
✨ While stocks last
out of stock products will be refunded immediately
✨ Free shipping from 150 €, bulk orders 
for Family & Friends are worthwhile
✨ Already now Christmas presents🎁 secure

  • Galvanic Spa Nu Skin Black Friday Angebote mit Facial Gels

    ✨ageLOC Galvanic Spa System & 1 pack of facial gels✨

    Our absolute favorite with Nu Skin. The beauty studio for at home. More beautiful, plumper, more even skin and fewer wrinkles. The non plus ultra for natural wrinkle reduction. Also a wonderful Christmas present 🎁
    ☑️ MultipurposeAnti-Aging-device system
    ☑️ Groundbreaking technology (self-regulating galvanic fine current with ageLOC technology)
    ☑️ Proven by clinical studies
    ☑️ 5 minutes per session, 2-3 times/week
    ☑️ in the comfort of your own home.

    BLACK FRIDAY price only 268,48 instead of 536,95 Euro

    Galvanic Spa & buy 1 pack of Facial Gels with 50% discount 
  • ✨Tru Face Line Corrector (optimal with Galvanic Spa use)✨

    The perfect addition to the Galvanic Spa.
    Every little wrinkle tells a story - of every frown, every smile, every hearty laugh.
    ☑️ The Line Corrector counteracts these first signs of skin ageing and reduces the appearance of fine lines around the mouth, eyes and forehead.
    ☑️ With the Line Corrector you specifically target the individual wrinkles/zones. You can do this every day, approx. 30 seconds/zone.
    ☑️ You can use the Line Corrector without the device, but the best results are achieved with the Galvanic Spa.

    BLACK FRIDAY price only 33,70 instead of 67,40 Euro

    Line Corrector buy with 50% discount 
  • ✨Moisture Me Intense Hydrate Cream✨

    ☑️ This ultra-luxurious face cream gives your skin an intense hydration boost for a smoother and more radiant appearance - for hours.
    ☑️ The combination of bio-adaptive botanicals strengthens the skin's natural resilience, offering protection against the negative effects of environmental stressors for a visibly radiant complexion.
    ☑️ Can be used in the morning and evening.

    BLACK FRIDAY price only 27,86 instead of 55,72 Euro

    Buy Moisture Me Intense Hydrating Cream with 50% discount 
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  • ✨180 Degree AHA Facial Peel and Neutralizer✨

    From the successful 180 degree series.
    ☑️ AHA Facial Peel contains a 10% lactic acid solution that fades visible signs of skin ageing, such as lines and wrinkles.
    ☑️ Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) promote skin cell renewal for a brighter and smoother complexion.
    ☑️ The Neutralizer reduces skin sensitivity and gives you a more radiant glow.
    ☑️ Use up to 3 times a week after cleansing.

    BLACK FRIDAY price only 43,70 instead of 87,39 Euro

    Buy 180 Degree Facial Peel with 50% discount 
  • ✨TR90 Protein Shake Vegan Vanilla OR Chocolate with a Shaker bottle✨

    Discover the TR90 V-Shakes: the vegan protein shakes with a delicious taste.
    ☑️ Rich in plant-based protein
    ☑️ Without artificial colors or preservatives. ☑️ Perfect for working people, fitness fans and anyone who wants an extra portion of protein.
    ☑️ Each portion contains 19 g protein from peas and brown rice.
    ☑️ Lactose- and gluten-free, without soy.
    ☑️ Ideal as a protein-rich snack before or after a workout or as a healthy snack between meals.

    BLACK FRIDAY price only 30,67 instead of 61,34 Euro

    Protein Shake & Shaker buy bottle with 50% discount 
  • ✨Celltrex Always Right Recovery Fluid✨

    This nourishing serum leaves your skin looking supple, radiant and soothed all day long.
    ☑️ It is quickly absorbed and provides the skin with additional moisture.
    ☑️ The blend of bioadaptive plant substances is your protective shield against the stresses of everyday life, such as long nights, stressful days and air pollution.

    BLACK FRIDAY price only 33.76 instead of 67.52 euros

    Buy Celltrex Serum with 50% discount 
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