Nutricentials - die Innovation für nachhaltige Hautpflege

Nutricentials - the innovation for sustainable skin care

Nutricentials is a care range with the power of nature. Bioadaptive skin care that protects you.

We all want glowing skin no matter what. But sometimes the desire is not enough. Every day our skin is exposed to the stress of pollution, UV rays or even lack of sleep, what Nu Skin Nutricentials skin care can make them look dull, greasy and tired. That's why Nu Skin created Nutricentials. Using groundbreaking science, Nu Skin has brought the power and resilience of bioadaptive plant extracts, which thrive in the harshest of conditions, into every Nutricentials product. They help your skin adapt to the stresses of the environment, keeping it beautiful and glowing wherever life takes you.

What does bioadaptive mean, what makes Nu Skin Nutricentials so special?

Nature is full of surprises. Find beauty and power where you least expect it. Harsh climates, extreme cold, heat and humidity give life to plants that grow, adapt and thrive even under difficult conditions. At Nu Skin, they wondered - could they possibly do the same for skin?

Nutricential's Bioadaptive Skin Care System does just that.

Using groundbreaking scientific methods, Nu Skin has taken five of these bioadaptive plant extracts and transformed them into something that works on your skin. These natural superpowers in Nu Skins Nutricentials allow your skin to adapt to its changing environments and the many stressors it encounters every day with a beautiful and even complexion.

All Nutricentials products are dermatologically tested.

No question of skin type

The combination of innovative science and bioadaptive botanicals in Nutricentials allows your skin to better adapt to its environment.

But what about the different skin types? With this new line, the question of skin type is a thing of the past. With these products, it's all about being spoiled for choice. Depending on your needs and desires, you can mix and match your favorite textures, whether rich creams or lightweight gels, plus added benefits like SPF protection. Put simply, everyone will find something suitable here.

Even with rather oily skin there are no problems. Nu Skins Nutricentials are non-comedogenic, meaning they won't clog pores. Don't worry, feel free to try richer textures - they're for everyone.

Nu Skin Nutricentials bio-adaptive skin care

Are nutricentials sustainable?

Sustainability is one of the most important goals at Nu Skin. The aim is to offer 100% sustainable packaging by 2030. All bottles in the range are made from up to 100%** and all tubes up to 35%** of post-consumer recycled plastic. The boxes for the packaging are FSC-certified (FSC™ C107989).

The power of plants for the resilience of your skin

Nutricentials offers the perfect range for the big city and stands by your skin when it comes to short nights, harmful

Nu Skin Nutricentials care line

Dealing with environmental influences, UV rays and all the other side effects of a hectic, urban lifestyle. The result? Your skin maintains its balance and is protected all around.

The balance of science and nature. A perfect care line for you, for every skin type. Bioadaptive skincare that protects. Preserved. And empowers you to be who you are.

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