Nutricentials – deine innovative Hautpflegeroutine

Nutricentials – deine innovative Hautpflegeroutine

Treat yourself to dreamy, glowing skin in every situation with skin care products with the power of nature that are scientifically proven.

The balance of science and nature. A perfect care line for you, for every skin type. Bioadaptive skin care that protects. Preserved. And empowers you to be who you are.

Nutricentials offers the perfect range for the big city, standing by your skin when it comes to dealing with sleepy nights, environmental aggressors, UV rays and all the other side effects of a busy urban lifestyle. The result? Your skin maintains its balance and is protected all around.

All Nutricentials products are dermatologically tested.

Sustainability: All bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic, all tubes are made from 35%.


Step 1: We recommend a dual cleaning routine

Starte mit Nutricentials “Day Away Micellar Beauty Water” 

Nutricentials Day Away Micellar Beauty Water
  • Delivers clearer skin by gently removing pore-clogging impurities, sebum and makeup.
  • Has a calming effect and allows moisture to penetrate the skin - for a fresher complexion.
  • Can be used as the first step in a dual cleansing routine.


Next up is Nutricential's HydraClean Creamy Cleansing Lotion.

Nutricentials HydraClean Creamy Cleansing Lotion To be Pure cleansing Gel
  • Luxurious, creamy, soap-free cleanser
  • Impurities, areas with excess oil and make-up are removed.
  • At the same time, the skin's natural moisture barrier is preserved.
  • The mild formula with bioadaptive plant substances and skin care ingredients provides the skin with soothing moisture.

 Alternatively, you can use Nutricential's To Be Clear Pure Cleansing Gel.

  • Pores are freed from clogged impurities, the skin feels refreshingly clean.
  • Highly effective formula transforms from gel to foam to remove impurities, oiliness and make-up while moisturizing the skin.
  • The secret is pore-cleansing active ingredients containing amino acids and moisturizing ingredients that have a refreshing and calming effect.
  • For a pleasant skin feeling and clear skin, To Be Clear is the perfect choice.


Step 2: Use a Nutricentials toner

Here You Glow Exfoliating Toner leaves  skin soft and supple.

  • The highly effective blend of 10% AHA, BHA and PHA gives a visibly soft and radiant-looking complexion.
  • It reduces the appearance of pimples, while the cleansing effect prevents the formation of new pimples.
  • The formula acts as an exfoliant that "pales" dead skin cells 
    Nutricentials Here You Glow Exfoliating Toner In Balance PH Toner
    removed and the pores freed from dirt and sebum.

Alternatively, you can care for your skin with "In Balance pH Balance Toner".

  • The skin can more easily adapt to its optimal pH value.
  • Provides an instant moisture kick after cleansing.
  • Gives a finer, refreshed, supple and radiant complexion.


Step 3: Nutricentials Eye Cream

Sanfte Pflege mit “Eye Love Bright Eyes Illuminating Eye Cream”

  • Promotes radiant skin and can reduce a dull, uneven,
    Nutricentials Eye Love Bright Eyes Illuminating Eye Cream
    improve stressed and tired skin caused by daily stress factors such as blue light.
  • The formula can also smooth fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.
  • Provides a cooling feeling and a fresher looking skin.
  • Ophthalmologically tested.


Step 4: Nutricentials Serum

Entdecke das “Celltrex Always Right Recovery Fluid”. 

  • Provides protective care and strengthens the skin's resistance to the
    adverse effects of stress, environmental factors and oxidative stress. 
    Nutricentials Celltrex Always Right Recovery Fluid
  • It enables balancing hydration in dry skin, compensating for it
    in hot climates or high humidity to always give a supple, soothing feeling.
  • With the intelligent HydraFlex complex. It is refreshing and moisturizing without feeling heavy on the skin.
  • Stressful environmental influences that form on the skin are reduced
  • This makes it easier for your skin to recover from environmental stressors to look visibly supple, youthful and radiant again.

 *Results of an independent professional evaluation based on an in vivo study in 10 healthy female and male subjects aged 18 to 70 years. The protective effect of Celltrex Always Right Recovery Fluid against environmental stressors was
evaluated by an expert using a clinical scale after the serum was wiped away. Results were compared to a negative control (untreated site).


Step 5: Use a Nutricentials day cream with SPF

Teste “Day Dream Protective Creamy Day Moisturizer LSF 30”

  • Provides protective care and strengthens resilience against the adverse effects of stress, adverse environmental factors and oxidative stress.
  • Gives a radiant-looking complexion and even skin tone with a shimmering glow.
  • With SPF 30 broad spectrum protection (UVA & UVB) in a soothing cream.
  • The formula helps counteract the effects of excessive radiation from blue and infrared light. 
    Nutricentials Day Dream Protective Day Moisturizer LSF 30

Or how about “Day Dream Protective Lotion Lightweight Day  Moisturizer SPF 30”?

  • Hydration without feeling heavy or leaving a greasy residue on the skin.
  • It contains SPF 30 (UVB protection) and offers protection against skin discolouration, dull skin and premature signs of aging and the adverse effects of excessive exposure to UV, blue and infrared light, such as skin discolouration and tired-looking skin.
  • Gives a radiant-looking complexion and even skin tone with a shimmering glow.


Step 6: Nutricentials Sunscreen

“Complexion Protection Daily Mineral Sunscreen”

  • Contains the complete sun protection SPF 50 with minerals.
  • Provides protective care and strengthens resilience against the adverse effects of stress, adverse environmental factors and 
    Nutricentials Complexion Protection Daily Mineral Sunscreen
    oxidativem Stress.
  • Contains the antioxidant ingredient carnosine, a blue and infrared light shield, to counteract the visible effects of excessive blue and infrared light exposure, such as skin discoloration and tired-looking skin.
  • The skin becomes soft, smooth and optimally prepared for make-up.
  • With Chlorella Vulgaris extract, an ingredient derived from controlled cultivation. It is based on Groviv, Nu Skin's technology-enhanced farming concept, a controlled cultivation initiative that guarantees optimal growing conditions.
  • The lightly tinted formula supports the skin's natural radiance.


Weekend Pampering with Nutricentials

Relax with Spa Day Creamy Hydrating Masque

  • Skin looks dewy and radiant.
  • The formula hydrates and locks in skin to prevent dry skin and give a healthy hydrated glow.

Or how about a glow? Brighter Day Exfoliant Scrub 

Nutricentials Brighter Day Exfoliant Scrub Spa Day Creamy Hydrating Masque

Mild and even peeling for the skin surface.

  • The combination of enzymatic and physical exfoliation removes dead skin cells far more effectively compared to using just one form of exfoliation.
  • Refreshing and gives softer, more radiant looking skin.


Weekly Pampering with Nutricentials

Get Your Beauty Sleep With Pillow Glow Sleeping Mask

  • The face mask provides lasting hydration overnight. 
  • Support your skin's natural moisture barrier. Wake up looking radiant and glowing, up to 150%*
    Pillow Glow Sleeping Mask
    hydrated skin.
  • Helps protect skin from oxidative stress caused by blue light during the day.
  • Provides protective care and strengthens resilience against the adverse effects of stress, adverse environmental factors and oxidative stress.
  • Helps skin look more rested and refreshed.
  • The formula is proven to brighten skin overnight so it looks healthier the next morning.

*Results of an independent professional evaluation based on a 24-hour in vivo study in 17 healthy participants aged 18 and over. Skin moisture content was measured using a corneometer on three areas: one area to which Pillow Glow was applied and two other areas for positive (glycerin) and negative (untreated) controls.

Are you ready for fantastically radiant skin in every situation? 

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